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Fude (Brush) made in Japan013 (640x640)

Many Japanese famous artists from ancient days use this brand of brush.

The brush is best quality for Sumi-E and Nihonga art for painting. The name is Choryu and there are different companies name. Hair is elected by master and made of best quality hair of squirrel, taguan, weasel, raccoon dog, monkey, pig, cattle, Amao, fox, sheep, cat, horse, skunk, rabbit.

019 (640x478)

    • Large size hair about 4.5cm. diameter is about 1.2 cm.                dkk300  sold out
    • Medium size hair about 3,6cm. diameter is about 1 cm       dkk280  sold out
  •  Small size hair about 3cm. Diameter is about 0.8 cm                dkk260 sold out

1. Japansk Tusch Maling – Sumi-E
2. Japanese Ink Painting – Sumi-E
3. Japansk Kalligrafi – Shodo
4. Japanese Calligraphy – Shodo

Book (Sumi-e. Calligraphy)

  •  Japansk Tusch Maling – Sumi-E
  •  Japanese Ink Painting – Sumi-E
  •  Japansk Kalligrafi – Shodo
  •  Japanese Calligraphy – Shodo

Book (About Denmark)

Book (About Traditional Chinese Medicine)

  • Akupunkture til Vægttab/acupuncture for Weight Loss
  • Akupunktur Meridianer og Punkter/Acupuncture Meridians and Points
  • Øre Akupunktur/Ear Acupuncture
  • Krop Akupunktur (Klinisk Behandling)/Body Acupuncture (Clinical Treatment)
  • Akupunktur og Moxibustion/Acupuncture and Moxibustion
  • Hovedbundsakupunktur(Klinisk Behandling)/Scalp Acupuncture (Clinical Treatment)
  • Hånd Akupunktur (Klinisk Behandling)/Hand Acupuncture (Clinical Treatment)
  • Fod Akupunktur (Klinisk Behandling)/Foot Acupuncture (Clinical Treatment)
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