Sumiko Knudsen

水墨画 日本画 書道myfoto

After many years of having practiced oil paint and Japanese calligraphy, I learned Sumie (Japanese ink painting), by renowned  Shutei Ota who was a representative of Sumi-E family. I have been teaching  and introducing Sumie at schools in Denmark since 1987 besides of my job, f.ex.  at Post Modern AcademyKKA (Copenhagen Commune Evening School),  GDA (Gentofte Day Evening School), VPC (Adult Education Center), AOF, HOF, FOF, Folkuniversitetet (Sweden) and workshop at Karens House (Bispebjerg), Rungsted high school, VIA University College.  I have also exhibited my works f. ex. ;

have exhibited in Copenhagen:

Holte Library

Mariehøj Center Library

Havatigåen in Holte

Brede Café

DAK laboratoriet A/S   Company

Køge Kemi A/S                        Company

Galleriet Gammel Strand      Gallery

Husligt Arbejderforbund      Association



Studieskolen                            School

Birch & Krog A/S                   Company

Virum Gymnasium                High School

Post Modern Academi          Art & Architechure College

Danske Bank

Sonic Innovation A/S           Company

Wonderful Copenhagen       Board

Net Design                              Company

Farum Kultur center

have had speech, demonstration and work shop.:

Ikebana International

Sorgenfri Rotary Klub

Glorup Castle

Rungsted High School
Sakura Festival
VIA University College: Viborg Animation Festival
Art School for Adult Development

Bosei Sports High School

Stenløse Culture Center

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